'Deadliest Catch' Season 14, Episode 18 recap: Crews race against terrible weather to meet deadlines

With harsh weathers on the rise and quota deadlines approaching, the crews on “Deadliest Catch” Season 14 were in an all out sprint to the finish line in episode 18.

Things started aboard the Summer Bay, where captain Wild Bill was facing harsh winds from an arctic hurricane that threatened to be with the fleet for the rest of the season. Unfortunately, although the weather looks like it will get bad enough to force the crew indoors, Wild Bill has let his pots soak for three days in the hopes of making up for a slow start to the season. Therefore, he has to push forward.

It’s the same story aboard the Brenna A, captain Sean Dwyer is facing similar troubles. However, he’s hit a hot spot and really needs to pull them in to get the high numbers. While his crew is upset, the captain believes that the conditions aren’t close enough to merit packing it in. However, when a massive wave almost topples the entire ship, he changes his mind and packs it in for the day.

Wild Bill, however, is still able to get his pots up and they’re in the numbers he needs. After pulling up all his pots, he’s met his quota and his men start to celebrate. However, the Bering Sea knows no celebration. The second the captain lets his guard down, a 20 foot wave knocks him out of his chair, injuring his hip. As if that wasn’t bad enough, another wave almost sends crewman Spencer overboard… again.

Meanwhile, aboard the Saga, captain Jake Anderson is taking a risk and dropping anchor for the night. He wants to make sure there’s at least one person in the wheelhouse at all times to make sure they don’t crash into the rocks. However, when the anchor snaps, the crew has some dangerous work to do. Not only will they have to hook the heavy anchor, but they’ll have to use equipment designed to haul significantly less weight to get the 3,000lbs chain as well. Fortunately, his crew knows what they’re doing and were able to get the job done relatively quickly.

Unfortunately, Anderson is still a long way away from making his quota for the season.

The episode ends with Wild Bill heading for shore, his men happy and his hip throbbing. This time, they know not to celebrate, at least until they get to solid ground and safety.