'Deadliest Catch' recap: Johnathan Hillstrand lies to Keith Colburn about his huge crab Haul near Russian border

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Captain Johnathan Hillstrand's big fishing gamble paid off--and he made sure Captain Keith Colburn didn't get in on the bounty on Tuesday night's episode of "Deadliest Catch."

Hillstrand, who is retiring, completed his king crab fishing in the fall. And in the winter season, he launched his final opilio crab hunt on his ship the Time Bandit.

Meanwhile on the Discovery Channel show, Keith Colburn, the skipper of The Wizard, told the cameras he was starting early due to the dwindling crab count.

Hillstrand bet he would hit pay dirt in the sea right by the Russian border, in "no man's land."

Colburn turned down Hillstrand's offer to team up in the risky mission, saying he didn't want to go near Russia.

Hillstrand shrugged that he was going on his own.

Later, Hillstrand worried he'd make a mistake as the first pot was a flop. However, his crew men then hauled up 610 opilio crab in the second pot near Russia.

"I can't believe it's this good," Hillstrand crowed.

His jubilant deck hands shot off flares to ring in the new year 2017 on the Time Bandit, knowing they would reap the rewards.

"So far, the Time Bandit's Russian collusion is huuuge," the narrator intoned, in an obvious President Donald Trump joke.

Meanwhile, Captain Colburn had his son Caelan Colburn, 20, working on The Wizard to help with the opilio.

Caelan was a green horn college kid who admitted, "I’m a finance and advertising major."

Colburn said to his son, "I own the boat. I coach, I preach, I teach. Then to the cameras, the captain noted, "He needs to live up to a pretty high bar of expectations."

Colburn admitted to the "Deadliest Catch" cameras that he felt like an absentee dad at times: "As a fisherman, I've lost a lot of time with my kids."

On the Wizard, Caelan began throwing up with seasickness during his brutal shift.

"We'll see in a couple days where he's at," his dad sighed.

Gruff Colburn refused to baby his son. "Captain first, dad second," he snapped.

Caelen wanted to prove himself while Colburn was frustrated by their poor crab haul. "We bombed," the skipper said.

Desperate, Colburn had a change of heart and decided to call Hillstrand about joining him near the Russian line after all.

But when Colburn called Hillstrand and asked him about the amount of crab, the retiring fisherman lied.

Hillstrand said, "there's blanks" in the sea near Russia's border.

"I'm not coming for that," said Colburn.

Johnathan laughed as he signed off with Colburn—and watched hundreds of crab spilling from his pots.

"I'm not going to tell everybody. Loose lips sink ships, man," Hillstrand laughed to the cameras. "From Russia with love!"