Comic-Con: ‘Legion’ Expands To 10 Episodes For Season 2, Adds Saïd Taghmaoui To The Cast

FX’s conceptual and arguably most ambitious TV seriesLegionmade its first appearance at San Diego Comic-Con with the cast and executive producers in tow. Before the panel started, the audience was given a refresher on what happened in the penultimate episode with the musical and very memorable “Bolero” sequence a short 7-minute art film in itself. Shortly after it was announced that the series would be getting 10 episodes in its sophomore season.

The crowd in Ballroom 20 went wild as the titular Legion, Dan Stevens, and fan-favorite Lenny, Aubrey Plaza, took the stage with Rachel Keller, Jean Smart, Bill Irwin, Jeremie Harris,andAmber Midthunder. Also joining them were show creator Noah Hawley, EPsJohn Cameron, Lauren Shuler Donner, andJeph Loeb who wasted no time in praising Hawley for his work with the unconventional X-Men series.

“Noah is Legion,” said Loeb. “He is creating a reality that is springing out of his head.”

But the big question was what theLegionteam could tell us about season 2 besides giving us more episodes. Hawley and Shuler Donner kept their cards close to the vest, but were willing to give a new casting announcement.

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“Theres going to be a lot of things that are going to happen that I can’t tell you,” Hawley teased. “But what I can tell you is thatSad Taghmaoui, who was recently onWonder Woman,will be playing Amahl Farouk a.k.a. the Shadow King.”

As the X-Men mythology goes, Professor X, played by Patrick Stewart in the X-movies is the father of David. That being said, one of the hot-button questions of the panel was whether or not we would see him in the series. In the comics, he is an adversary of the Shadow King and the question arose if we would see him in flashbacks of David’s childhood next season.

“I like to call him pops,” joked Stevens. “I was on a talk show with him and he said he was up for it.”

After a series of ambiguous answers and jokes from Loeb and Shuler Donner, Hawley stepped in and simply said,“We are working on it.”

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