'Code Black' cast teases shocking season finale

CBS’ "Code Black" will air its season finale on Wednesday and the cast spoke to Fox News about what viewers can expect.

Rob Lowe, who joined as a new member for Season 2, said the Wednesday's episode will have a powerful ending. According to Yahoo, the show's fate is still up in the air, as Season 3 has yet to be confirmed.

“It’s a very strong ending for the season and it’s been a very strong season,” Lowe said.

The show is about an overcrowded emergency room in Los Angeles and the challenges presented to the doctors as patients fight for their lives. Lowe said the finale fits the year the show has had.

“It’s like a sports team that is finishing a great, great year," he said. "Every game is great. You can’t build a season on one game or one story plot, and we are not trying to win the season at the end. Every episode is what it is. It’s that amazing combination of authentic medicine, real human authentic drama, unbelievable action, and we will make you cry. We will ring it out of you.”

And star Marcia Gay Harden hinted that some of the doctors may not live to see the third season.

“Great action sequences that take place in Los Angeles, the doctors go out to Los Angeles and do risky operations and risky rescues and bring them back to the hospital,” she said. “... We are trying to track down a really deadly disease and some of the doctors get infected... Maybe some people don’t make it.”

Boris Kodjoe said, for him, the show is personal.

“This is a special experience for me because so many things happened,” he said. “My dad was a doctor and he gave me advice before I started the show: He told me always keep your heart rate under 50 because you are the pilot of the plane; You can’t freak out because everybody is looking at you for comfort. I’m keeping that with me on the set and he passed six months ago, so it’s almost like I’m honoring him on the show."

Meanwhile, Harden said working on the show has changed her perspective.

“I think just how at the same moment vulnerable we are as a human body and human being and yet absolutely resilient at the same time and your body is an incredible machine,” she said. “And it’s funny because we are human and we forget that everyday and we take our health for granted… [The show has] made me really aware of the process of the body.”

The "Code Black" finale is tonight on CBS.