CNN put the “J” in journalism Sunday night, with a marijuana-themed New Year’s Eve show many viewers found downright doobie-ous.

During the beleaguered cable news network’s year-end show from Times Square, reporter Randi Kaye did several, um, “hits” from Denver, where marijuana is legal. At various points, she held a joint, lit a bong, marveled over a special gas mask used by stoners and wondered where she was.

“This is for you, Andy!” Kaye said at one point, addressing CNN host Andy Cohen and holding a lit marijuana cigarette out to the camera.

Cohen, the Bravo star and executive producer of the “Real Housewives” franchise, was hosting with CNN stalwart Anderson Cooper. Kathy Griffin was previously Cooper’s New Year's Eve partner, but the network dumped her after she made fun of President Trump by holding his mock severed head in a photo shoot.

“I’m trying to remember where we are. Where am I?”

— CNN reporter Randi Kaye

Cohen enthusiastically praised Kaye’s report, while a smiling Cooper reminded viewers that Kaye’s high-jinx was all above board, even if a bit unseemly.

“I just want to point out that this is all legal in Colorado,” Cooper said, smiling.

Kaye, who announced she was witnessing “New Year’s Eve, Denver-style!” did not appear to partake herself, and would not be breaking the law if she had. But she did seem disoriented at one point.

“We’re at a dispensary called the Medicine Man!” Kaye, who sported dangling marijuana leaf earrings, said. “I’m trying to remember where we are. Where am I?”


Cooper was quick to point out that pot is legal in Colorado (Screengrab)

Kaye’s pot-themed reportage was done from a “puff, pass and paint” party, whatever that is.

Viewers seemed split on social media: Some were appalled by the open embrace of marijuana, while others were dismayed by the network’s decision to replace Griffin with Cohen.