'Chrisley Knows Best' star worried for the United States

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“Chrisley Knows Best” continues to be a ratings success story — averaging at 2.4 million viewers this season—on USA Network. The Chrisley family took the stage at the NBC Summer Press Day to talk about family, fame and the current political climate in our country.

The outspoken patriarch of the family, Todd Chrisley, was not shy in sharing his thoughts on the upcoming election.

“I think when we have a choice between choosing with Hillary [Clinton] and Donald [Trump], were up sh--t’s creek without a paddle” he said. “I certainly believe fundamentally that in order for this country to overcome and evolve, we have to come together and be one. You cannot continue to divide. I think that’s when we get in trouble with this country — we try to divide people … I think at this point right now to ask me who I’m going to vote for, I cannot tell you.”

One thing Todd is certain of is the authenticity of his reality show. The star insisted the family is genuine on their series.

“It’s too late to close the door,” Todd said of being open and honest while filming.  “Once the horse is out of the barn it’s too late to put it back in. I think for us to start trying to become more reserved would be a disservice to the network, to our family, friends, our reputation and it’s certainly a disservice to the fan base that follows us.”

Daughter, Savannah, insists that even though they have a TV show, the family is normal.

“One of our biggest things for us is to show people that we are relatable and we go through some of the same issues everyone else does, ours is just kind of broadcast for the world to see,” she said. “We don't want people to think we live this perfect life because in reality having a father like him, we do not.”

Currently, Todd and wife Julie raise their son Kyle’s daughter, and they revealed that she played a major role in saving their marriage.

“Chloe is probably one of the greatest gifts we ever had,” he said. “She came along at a time when I thought Julie and I were finished, and she has brought a whole different perspective to our life. She is doing wonderful and thriving and we are blessed to have her.”

The family made headlines a few years back when Todd revealed Kyle was bipolar.

“[Kyle] struggles everyday but that is his struggle and he is not on the show so I’m going to move past it.”

“Chrisley Knows Best” is on Tuesday nights on USA Network.