'Celebrity Family Feud' recap: Steve Harvey and Neil deGrasse Tyson go at it

It was the nerds against the jocks on this week’s episode of “Celebrity Family Feud.” However, it was the show’s host that both got picked on and dished out the playful bullying as the competition heated up.

The first round put star basketball player Rick Fox and his family up against everyone’s favorite scientist, Neil deGrasse Tyson and family. Things got off to a heated start when Harvey greeted Tyson’s daughter, Miranda, and mentioned that he named her after a moon of Uranus. The scientist quickly corrected the host’s pronunciation of the planet, prompting a small rant about the difference between the planet and one’s backside from the comedian.

“You can say ‘your anus” when you’re, like, 8,” Tyson began, but Harvey quickly shut it down with some playful intimidation.

“You ain’t going to keep coming on here and talking to me like I’m stupid!” the host shouted.

He then joked that the second Tyson got a question wrong, he was going to pounce. Fortunately, that didn’t take long as Tyson couldn’t even come up with an answer in the first round. Tyson’s son made up a bit of the ground his father lost with the host. When Harvey commented on his voluminous hair, he told the bald 60-year-old host that he wishes he had some of it. Harvey looked shocked at first, then began to lament that he missed the Fox family, who were much nicer to him.

In the end, it Tyson prevailed despite Harvey’s jibing. In the fast money round they did pretty well, securing the full $25,000 for their charity.