'Celebrity Family Feud' kicks off with battle between Amy Schumer, Kelly Clarkson

Back and jam-packed with stars, ABC premiered the new season of “Celebrity Family Feud” with some fresh faces and tough competition. It was an all-girls night as Amy Schumer, Kelly Clarkson, Bindi Irwin, Chrissy Metz and their respective families battled it out for a chance to win $25,000 for their favorite charities.

Kicking off the night was Schumer who was joined by her brother and sister to help her take on her opponents. The comedian admitted at the beginning of the round that they’re all big fans of the game. As a result, she was particularly excited and nervous to be there. They were going against Grammy-winner and original “American Idol” winner, Kelly Clarkson. The singer stretched the “family” portion of “Family Feud” in the interest of charity, bringing in her friends to round out her team. She confessed to feeling like she had home field advantage as “Idol” previously filmed in the same studio.

It wouldn’t be an appearance by comedian Schumer without some outrageous moments. The biggest of these came when she was prompted with the question, “name something a wife might do to a bald husband’s head.” Reaching the end of all the obvious answers, the comedian blurted out “Push it down!” Her competition had to take a laugh break to react to the naughty reply before the answer was revealed. Not surprisingly, it wasn’t on the board.

Despite the setback, team Schumer cast a decided victory. The round ended with Schumer and her sister winning the “Fast Money” round with ease. With $25,000 in the pocket of their favorite charity, the show shifted gears to its next batch of celebrity families, Irwin and Metz.

“This is Us” star Metz kicked off the round, sending things over to her mom and three sisters. Irwin, meanwhile, was joined by her brother, mother and cousins. Billed as an “animal conservationist,” many may remember Bindi as the daughter of famed TV host and animal activist Steve Irwin. Their round even kicked off with Irwin sharing a story with host Steve Harvey about the time he made her late father an “honorary black man.” Harvey recalled the moment and was struck that it had such an impact on her father.

“This is cool,” he repeated before finally reading their question.

Despite their early lead, the Metz lost out to the Irwins, sending brother Robert and cousin Daniel into the “Fast Money” round. In the end, they only scored $10,000 for their charity, but the night was a general win all around as Harvey announced that each team would be getting money donated to their causes.