Celebrities rally behind ‘American Sniper’

Many celebrities rallied around “American Sniper” after actor Seth Rogen and director Michael Moore were critical of the record-breaking film.

Rogen, fresh off the controversial flick "The Interview" tweeted the following:

Dean Cain was not amused. The actor responded with a tweet of his own:

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    Cain was referring to the real-life subject of the “American Sniper,” Chris Kyle.

    Moore got the "anti-'Sniper'" ball rolling on Sunday by tweeting:

    He later tried to walk his comments back, saying he hadn't referred to Chris Kyle of "American Sniper" in his post, to no avail.

    Rob Lowe was quick to call him out, tweeting: “Michael Moore Blasts #AmericanSniper Hero: Gunmen Are "Cowards" He's kidding, right?”

    Even Jane Fonda disagreed with Rogen and Moore. She had gone to her Twitter account way back in December and written:

    Finally, Dean Norris, who played Hank Schrader in "Breaking Bad," added his two cents Monday while talking to us about his new miniseries “Sons of Liberty:’

    “I loved 'American Sniper,'" he said. "That was a fantastic movie and I recommend it to everybody.”