Can Kate Upton make it three Sports Illustrated covers in a row?

Can Kate Upton make it three in a row?

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover will be revealed Thursday night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and Upton could be the third three-times-in-a-rower ever.

Christie Brinkley, still wowing people at age 60, was the first to get three covers in a row from 1979-81. Elle McPherson repeated the feat from 1986-1988.

Upton graced the 2013 cover in an unzipped parka, and the 2012 cover in the more traditional, barely there bikini.

Upton has surely kept her name front and center. Just this week, the Orlando Magic mascot, Stuff, proposed to Upton, when her boyfriend, pitcher Justin Verlander, momentarily left his seat at a Magic game.

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