Camille Grammer will get roughly $30 million in her divorce from Kelsey Grammer.

Sources connected with the couple tell TMZ  that Camille and Kelsey are "very close" to inking a property settlement agreement.  We're told the total value of the assets in the marriage is around $60 million.  We say "around" because a big chunk is from the three homes they own which are now on the market.  They're estimating when everything is sold the pot will be around $60 mil.

Sources tell TMZ Camille will get a straight 50 percent of the assets.  We're told when the couple married, Kelsey was broke.  Pretty shocking, considering he had earned "Cheers" and "Frasier" money.  But bad decisions and a drug problem nearly sent Kelsey to the poor house.

We're told Camille righted the ship and managed the money to where they now have tens of millions to split.

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