'Brother vs. Brother' recap: Jonathan and Drew Scott tackle tricky kitchens

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Jonathan and Drew Scott returned for the second challenge in their beachfront extravaganza on Season 5 of HGTV’s “Brother vs. Brother.” This week, Drew and Jonathan took on what is, arguably, the single most important feature in their respective homes, the kitchen.

After losing to his brother on the living room challenge last week, Jonathan was still a little salty and eager to come out swinging in round two. Meanwhile, Drew was motivated in large part by the stakes of round 2. This time, instead of punishing the loser, the winner was allowed to go flyboarding on the water, something Drew was really eager to do.

What followed was a one-week renovation that presented some pretty hectic challenges. Things started off rough for Drew, not only was the flexibility of his space ruining the hopes of his initial design but, upon gutting the place he learned that the water was left on. As soon as they got to work on the pipes, the place flooded. Fortunately, he was able to fix things quick enough for the problem to be more of a nuisance than a disaster.

Meanwhile, Jonathan’s gutting of his single-story kitchen was going incredibly well. What began as a separated kitchen and dining room already looked like a wide-open beachfront rental. However, after losing last week, he wouldn’t take his foot off the gas. That ended up being good news as some misscheduled and mismeasured cabinets got in the way. It called for a rush job, but things somehow came together just in time for the judge’s ruling.

This week, the boys brought in “Restored” host Brett Waterman to determine who the winner would be. Immediately, upon walking into Jonathan’s single-story home, he was struck by the modern design and the use of materials and accents he’d never seen before. His response to Drew’s two-story haven of sophistication was significantly more tepid. When it was all said and done, Drew, who was $12,000 over his budget, lost in a big upset to Jonathan, who's winning kitchen was only $5,000 over budget. That meant that he, as well their judge for the week, got to take to the waters and experience what it was like to glide across them.

While they were living life to its fullest, Drew was forced to sit on the sidelines and watch in horrible disappointment.