Brett Eldredge on why he makes music

Country singer-songwriter Brett Eldredge is set to release his second studio album, "Illinois" on Sept. 11, 2015. The 29-year-old is not only known for his soulful country tracks, but also for his humility and passion for the music.

The album includes the title track ode to his home state, plus his new chart-climber “Lose My Mind”, and a tune called “Wanna be that song,” which Eldredge explains is about making music that is a part of people's lives.

"I want to write songs that make you want to fall in love that remind you of meeting that person that song that was their song, it'll make you dance, it’ll make you cry, I want to be that song that moves you," he told FOX411 Country. "That's why I make music. Because it can bring people together, it can make them laugh, it can make them cry, that's the best feeling in the world to be able to do that."

Eldredge is already a part of fans' lives and one shared a special story with him about his track "Mean To Me" off his first album "Bring you Back."

"I met a couple at a meet and greet and the guy was in the military for six years, he was overseas quite a bit, and his girlfriend was always back home...he's over there fighting for us and one of the hardest parts is to be back home and holding that relationship strong and they said the thing that kind of kept them together was that song, was 'Mean To Me,'" he said.

Watch the video above for more of FOX411 Country's interview with Eldredge.