Holy Hotness!!! Sofia Vergara in Machete 2 is muy, muy caliente, which is Spanish for hotness woman on the planet.

Daughters of the world take note. You will be taking care of your parents when they age, so make sure to guilt accordingly.

Tim Tebow is staying stateside...for now. That kid had so much promise. Why couldn't he just throw the dang ball straight, then women of the U.S. could have continued to watch him in his football costume.

Video taping is fun because it catches really out of line people doing really out of line things.  For instance, this Japanese volleyball coach slapping his player across the face multiple times.

Kate Winslet is not changing her last name to Rocknroll. Yet.

The Kardashians are all about the holiday spirit even in September.  According to Kim K's Twitter, the family shot their annual Christmas card all day on Wednesday.  It must be nice having every moment staged of your entire existence.