Break Time: Sofia Vergara, 41, is red hot in GQ shoot

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Welcome to Break Time! Here are the viral, entertaining stories floating around the web today:

Sofia Vergara is smoking hot in GQ India magazine.

French weathergal runs around naked after she loses a bet. Way to gain your co-worker’s and audience’s respect. FAIL!

Brangelina prove once again they are the most awesome couple on the planet. Beautiful, rich, and also named the best rose winemakers of the year.

Flashmobs are pretty spectacular but an entire of crowd of dancing people in the underwear is truly breathtaking like took our breath away in a not so good way.

While most American starlets like to bare skin, Pippa Middleton radiates hotness in covered sparkly ensemble. Take note ladies of the U.S.A.

‘Squinching’ is the new ‘trout pout’ for selfies.