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Ryan Seacrest moved on quickly after his break up from Julianne Hough but now the actress is making up for lost time with her new hottie boyfriend.

Real Housewives of New York Ramona Singer’s estranged husband brags about cheating.

Kim Kardashian may have contracted a cold after wearing this cleavage baring number in the dead of winter.

Stop messing with the classics Hollywood!

If you dated this one lady it would feel like you’re dating at least 13 well-known celebrities.

Czech woman wins the gold medal while donning a fake patriotic mustache. It’s kind of amazing.

You too could marry a famous Hollywood celeb (these celebs did)

It’s the War of the Roses! Jordin Sparks gets 10,000 roses from her boyfriend while Kim K. only got a 1,000. Why do we not care???

Turning 18 is a rite of passage but that doesn’t mean you need to wear sheer shirts to enter womanhood.

A detective spends his off-hours trying to reunite a war vet with long lost love letters.