Break Time: 'I'm Too Beautiful'; Dana Adiva bemoans sorry lot in life

Need a break? We’ve got three stories about beauty today that are sure to entertain.

First, meet Dana, a 21-year-old star from MTV’s “True Life: I’m Too Beautiful.” Life is really, really hard for Dana, who often gets stressed out because so many people stare at her, in awe of her beauty. It’s tough being beautiful, right? Watch the video above to see the other awful hardships poor Dana has to endure.

Next, the website announced it is launching a jobs section so that employers can find themselves truly stunning employees. Forget resumes and qualifications, on, it’s all just about being pretty.

Finally, we remind you that looks fade. Just ask stars like Maria Shriver, Bruce Jenner and Goldie Hawn. Click here to see more photos of stars’ lost looks.