Break Time: Brandi Glanville gets really, really, really drunk

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Here are my picks for today’s three Web must-sees!

First, caught Real Housewife Brandi Glanville really, really, really drunk. Brandi, reportedly already three sheets to the wind, entered the London Hotel in West Hollywood with the help of a male friend, but there was no helping Brandi from keeping her top, or even her skirt on. Check out even more pics here. She later went on Twitter explaining that people kept buying her drinks, so what was she to do? The countdown to a new Twitter war over the incident between Brandi and arch nemesis Leann Rimes, meanwhile, will start in 3...2....

Next! L.A. is not known for being particularly prudish, but the City of Angels is sure acting holier than thou after it pulled Heidi Klum's 'Project Runway' billboard for showing too much skin. has the pics showing Klum as a queen reigning over a group of naked models with their key bits covered. New York City apparently has no problem with the poster, so expect taxi cab accidents to increase over the coming days.

Finally!  Run Robert run! Our friends at Buzzfeed have a great GIF showing undrafted rookie Robert Gills amazing onloookers when he turned up the treadmill to the super fast speed of 25 mph. Somebody better sign this guy up.  There are tons of NFL stars who can’t even run a few miles an hour without running into something. Yes, I’m looking at you, Mark Sanchez.

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