Brazilian Beauty Eliane Elias Releases Album Combining Jazz With 60's Rock

After releasing more than 20 records, jazz sensation Eliane Elias has come out with a real “jewel” that she says just came to her.

The album name, “Light My Fire,” combines two things not commonly heard in the same sentence: jazz music and the Sixties rock band The Doors.

Elias, who is Brazilian, says “Light My Fire” is the perfect title.

As part of the album, Elias puts a smooth jazzy spin on the Sixties chart-topper. The name, “Light My Fire,” doesn’t only sound cool and sexy, she says, but aptly describes the mood in the studio during the recording session.

“We were all going, ‘Wow, man, everybody’s on fire here,'" she says. "It was like we are lighting each other’s fire.".

During the three days it took to get the album recorded, Elias says, the album just came together.

“The record is organic,” Elias says.

Elias assures that in live performances, the music will sound exactly like it does on the record because they never added any manufactured sounds after the recording.

Besides the good vibes in the studio, she says the album also came together in other ways.

She says Brazilian music icon Gilberto Gil just happened to be in town on the days that she scheduled her recording time, so they were able to record a song together for the first time.

But the good luck didn't stop at merging schedules.

“One tune turned into three,” she says, giving the album two extra gems to give it that Brazilian flare.

“That brought a whole different flavor to the record," she says. "It added that extra element to the album that I wanted besides the cool and the sexy."

Among those extra gems was the song "Toda Menina Baina," which also features Elias's daughter, who came to visit while they were recording.

"She came by and I grabbed her," Elias says.

Her newest album comes out May 31st.

Elias jazzes up works from other well known artists like pop star Stevie Wonder and jazz saxophonist Paul Desmond.  The record also features instrumentals from artists such as Randy Brecker and Marc Johnson.

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