'Battleship' stars says best part of movie was meeting real troops and their families

Inspired by the naval war-based board game of the same name, “Battleship” the movie is coming to a theater near you this week, and leading lady Brooklyn Decker hopes it does more than just entertain.

“We actually used lots of real military service men and women in the film,” she told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column. “We used active and wounded military as well as veterans that have fought over the years, so there is a lot of history to it and this adds a lot of value to the movie. I think you feel some patriotism when you watch it, and that is very special to us.”

Decker also said that they’ve screened “Battleship” for a number of U.S. troops stationed both here and overseas, and “everyone has loved it so far.”

“We did them a lot of justice. We have been to the bases and it has been exciting to bring the film to them,” she continued. “To shine a light on these guys is special, and they are thankful that we are sharing their stories.”

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Co-star Taylor Kitsch, who plays Lieutenant Alex Hopper, a U.S. Navy Tactical Action Officer assigned to the USS John Paul Jones, didn’t know what to expect going into the role, but came out with a whole new level of respect for military families.

“You can read about it, you can watch it all go down, but to be a part of it hands-on was something else. For me personally, it was seeing their (troops) families and not only what these guys sacrifice being in the fight, but it was amazing seeing what their families sacrifice as well,” he said.

Playing the part of Hopper’s older brother, Commander Stone Hopper of the USS Sampson, was Alexander Skarsgård. And the highlight of his filming experience?

“Hanging out with the veterans, I’ll never forget it,” he told us. “Being with them on the ship and the stories they told about their experiences on the ship… I will never forget that.”

Danielle Jones-Wesley contributed to this report.