Bam Margera heads to rehab for alcohol for the third time

Hopefully the third time is the charm for Bam Margera.

The former "Jackass" star announced this week that he is entering rehab for the third time to battle his alcoholism.

"Off to alcohol rehab for the 3rd time. I am hoping the term 3rd time is a charm is true," Margera, 39, captioned an Instagram photo with his baby boy, Phoenix Wolf, late Monday night.


In a follow-up post, a smiling, healthy-looking Margera is pictured with a friend. He captioned the black and white snap, "Thanks to @sober_coach @brandon__novak @fromdopetohope @steveo @johnnyschillereff@johnnyknoxville for the treatment."

Margera last went to rehab in January 2018 after being arrested for driving under the influence, Page Six reported.

In September 2017, Margera's parents revealed that his "rock star" lifestyle spun out of control, leading Margera to drink instead of eating and speculating that the skateboarder also had bulimic tendencies.

Margera admitted at the time to abusing both alcohol and drugs.