'Bachelor' reject Samantha Steffen getting roses from Jeremy Piven?

Do you wonder where ‘Bachelor’ contestants go after they don’t get a rose?

Well, it turns out after they cry their eyes out on national TV over a man they barely know, they move on.

One former contestant from the current season of the hit reality show, Samantha Steffen, has apparently gone from farm boy bachelor Chris Soules to perpetual Hollywood playboy Jeremy Piven.

US Weekly is reporting that the love-seeking lady and ‘Entourage’ star were photographed together strolling on the beach in Malibu CA on February 17. Steffen also shared a photo with her, Piven and a group of friends celebrating the Super Bowl on February 2, and posted it on Twitter captioned “Superbowl Sunday good people & live music #malibu #Superbowl #SuperBowlWeekend @KennyHamilton @jeremypiven

Steffen was dumped on the show on February 9, which means the real break-off happened sometime earlier.

Could a Fantasy Suite with Piven be her consolation prize?

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