'Bachelor' Juan Pablo Galavis Blames Cultural Differences Over Latest Controversy

Recent immigrants who barely speak English seem to make fewer gaffes with the English language than American-born Juan Pablo Galavis.

“The Bachelor” star, who grew up in Venezuela, once again blamed his background after he came under fire for making light of offensive language. Galavis encountered a backlash after he retweeted someone apparently poking fun at the mentally handicap and who used the r word.

"Not every flower can save love, but a rose can,” said the tweet. “Not every plant survives thirst, but a cactus can. Not every r***** can read, but look at you go, little buddy!”

Galavis not only retweeted it, but he also wrote: “Loved it.”

Galavis brushed off the controversy, and blamed his poor choice of words on the fact that English is his second language.

“In Venezuela the R word is USED commonly and by NO means is to OFFEND anyone… #Relax #DifferentCulture #Respect,” he wrote on Twitter.

He later deleted the tweet, though he told his followers to “learn culture.”

It wasn’t the first time a statement landed "The Bachelor" in hot water. Earlier this year, he said he opposed having a gay “Bachelor” because homosexuals were “perverts, in a sense.” He later apologized and blamed his choice of words on a language barrier.

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