Gabe Rygaard, known as the owner of the company Rygaard Logging featured frequently on the History reality series "Ax Men," was killed Friday in an automobile collision. He was 45.

The accident, which occurred near Port Angeles, Washington, Rygaard’s hometown, when the white Ford Bronco Rygaard was driving rear-ended another vehicle before ending up in the path of an oncoming vehicle. Passengers in the other two cars involved in the crash were treated for minor injuries at the scene.

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Rygaard first appeared in the second season of "Ax Men," having recently taken over Rygaard Logging after the death of his father, who founded the company in 1992. The company was frequently featured on the show, including during the recently-completed ninth season.

He was the third member of the "Ax Men" cast to die in recent years. Jimmy Smith of S&S Aqua Logging died of cancer in 2012, while the season 2 and 3 featured William Colantuono died in a 2013 helicopter crash.