There's been much talk at the Cannes Film Festival about how to boost the ranks of women directors and producers. Eva Longoria is a good example of a success story.

Though she gained fame for "Desperate Housewives," the actress has turned into a successful producer and director. She executive produces the TV series "Devious Maids" among other series, and has directed as well.

"I love producing, I love directing. I like being behind the camera because you have more control over the final product and the entire project and so, for me, I will always continue to produce," she said. "I was always a producer and director in my head and so some people go, 'Oh that actor became a producer' and I was like 'No, I was always a producer who kind of became an actor.'"

Longoria, who is in Cannes in part as an ambassador for L'Oreal, said the new digital age of TV, and various streaming services are helping to improve diversity in Hollywood.

"It provides more importance on the content creators and that gives more opportunities to a more diverse pool of people - whether you're a woman, whether you're Latino, black, Hispanic, anything," she said. "Now there is way more avenues for you to show your content.

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