Actress Anne Hathaway has had an eventful two years, from hosting the Oscars to fitting into her skintight Catwoman outfit to cutting off her hair for her role in the upcoming film “Les Miserables.” But when FOX411 asked her which was the most frightening of the three, we were surprised to learn her answer.

“Cutting my hair,” she told us at the world premiere of her new film “The Dark Knight Rises.” “I wouldn’t have expected it either.”

“I decided to have fun with the Oscars, the catsuit I was just grateful to be the one wearing it, and the hair I was just like, 'this could go really badly,' but it didn’t matter because it was for the right reason,” she said.

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But while she may have been nervous for the physical change required for the role of Fantine in "Les Miserables," it was all excitement for her participation in “The Dark Knight Rises,” which is the third and final installment of Christopher Nolan’s successful franchise.

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Hathaway is already earning rave reviews for her portrayal of jewel-thief Selina Kyle, aka Catwoman. But while she may have been thrilled to take on the role, it called for a great deal of preparation, working out and changes to her diet. But, according to her, it was all worth it to take on such a well-known and complex character for Nolan's film.

“What Chris has decided to do with his Batman franchise is to really ground it in reality and to create deeply complex characters,” she said of her director. “That’s why it has the feeling. That’s what set’s it apart.” “

"The Dark Knight Rises” opens nationwide Friday.