CNN anchor Anderson Cooper denied on Monday night that he's "on the left," but later slammed President Donald Trump for weighing in on the Kentucky Derby.

Cooper began a panel discussion by speculating whether or not President Trump would accept the results of the 2020 election if he narrowly loses that quickly shifted to whether or not an "attempted coup" took place to oust the president.

"There absolutely was an attempted coup against him," CNN commentator Steve Cortes said.

"Wow... wow," Cooper reacted.

Cortes shot back, claiming Cooper and "many people on the left" of accusing Trump of "authoritarian tendencies."

"Hey, I'm not on the left," Cooper told Cortes.

Well, shortly after he suggested he was an unbiased anchor, Cooper blasted Trump for tweeting about the Kentucky Derby.

Cooper ripped  "President Seabiscuit" for turning the Kentucky Derby "into a whole frickin thing" and for "keeping with his practice of having nothing better to do."

"The president of the United States seems to have a lot of time on his hands," Cooper told his viewers. "And he can't even stand some horses getting uninterrupted airtime. He's got to be a part of every frickin news cycle. He can't help himself!"

The CNN anchor went on to mock President Trump for expressing that Maximum Security, who he referred to as the "best horse," should have won and referred to the disqualification as "political correctness."


"Let me get something straight: President Trump is upset because the more popular candidate, or horse, the one everyone expected to win, didn’t win because of an old-timey rule?” Cooper continued. “Is it just me or does this all sound vaguely familiar and like something the president actually supports in other non-equine situations?”

He later added that Trump's reference to "political correctness" must have meant "rules are for losers."