It's like high school all over again!

The singing competition/popularity contest that is American Idol is down to just four finalists. Who is most likely to succeed? And what's in store for Crystal Bowersox, Lee DeWyze, Casey James and Michael Lynche once the competition is over? TVGuide.com awarded nine superlatives to the remaining quartet:

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Most Likely to Bear-Hug Another Mentor: Michael Lynche
Lynche couldn't hide his excitement about working with this week's mentor, Jamie Foxx. "Jamie is going to be unbelievable," he says. "I think he's going to try to one-up Harry Connick, Jr., personally. He'll chill with us and really give it to us good." 

Most Likely to Cry: Casey James
James held back tears as DeWyze recalled seeing footage of the Chicago auditions, noting that "there were just thousands of people and I was just a little dot. I'm like, we've gone from that to just us four."

Best Multitasking (shared award): Crystal Bowersox and Michael Lynche
"[Wednesday] on the couches, in the commercial break, we were talking about parenting techniques and what you would do in a certain situation with your kid," Bowersox says. Adds Lynche: "You can't help but look up to somebody who's trying to really do it for their family."

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Best Damage Control: Crystal Bowersox
Bowersox once again insists that she never wanted to quit the show. "I missed my son and I never had any intention to quit. I wasn't angry with Ryan Seacrest. It was just a brief conversation where he gave me great advice and that was it."

Most Prepared: Casey James
James is already planning to hit the studio once the season is over. So what kind of music will the country kid record? "A mix between country, rock, blues and pop all mixed in the same bowl and stir it up a little; whatever happens, happens." For the record, DeWyze, Bowersox and Lynche plan on doing rock, roots and soul respectively.

Most Likely to Wear a Kilt: Lee DeWyze
"I'd have more bagpipers on stage with me," jokes DeWyze on what he would've done differently this season.

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Coolest Competitor: Casey James
"We're not competing with each other," says James. "Everyone is so different. We're like apples and oranges. We're just going to try to do the best we can do."

Best Competitor: Lee DeWyze
"We're all friends and that's not going to change," DeWyze responds, "but at the end of the day, we all want to win."

So who do you think is the most likely to succeed and win American Idol?

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