Scotty McCreery reassured the judges he's got what it takes to win America Idol by slaying any genre of music thrown his way.

McCreery, 17, from Garner, NC, also took time to talk about his Latino roots, telling America that yes- the swirling rumors are true- he’s a full-blooded Boricua.

"Is it true that you are Puerto Rican Scotty?" American Idol Host Ryan Seacrest asked with curiously.

As the studio stayed quiet, the country music lover confirmed word on the street about his Hispanic roots.

"Yes, I'm Puerto Rican said McCreery with a smile."I have a little bit of J.Lo in me."

Without hesitation McCreery certainly showed that he can move like a Puerto Rican, as he let loose singing Montgomery Gentry's “Gone” as his first song of the evening leaving J.Lo quite impressed.

"I lost it there for a second! I was so excited! You just owned that stage,” López said happily. I heard some growling in there too. I liked it! That is some American Idol stuff right there! That’s it baby!”

McCreey then romanced the crowd with his rendition of Elvis Presley's “Always on my Mind.”

“Between that last song and this song, you show us what a well rounded artist you are. You can do anything, sing anything,” López said. “You can come out here, you can mix it up, you can rock out, everybody is jumping up and down. Then you can sit there and captivate the audience with you sweet voice and it’s amazing. So beautiful.”

“[There is] nothing awkward about you up there and that’s what I love,” she added. “It’s like whether you are running or sitting you are so comfortable in your own skin. Just a true performer.”

Although the judges voiced their satisfaction with McCreery's performance Wednesday evening, no one was prouder of him than McCreey's grandmother who cheered raucously for him.

"He is my Scotty," she told Seacrest in a thick Spanish accent as she and McCreery tenderly locked eyes.

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