Amanda Bynes: ‘I was diagnosed bipolar and manic depressive’

Rumors have swirled for months about what caused former child star Amanda Bynes to have a breakdown, which eventually led to her being hospitalized last year and placed into a psychiatric facility once again in October. Early Tuesday, the 28-year-old star shared some information about her mental health with her followers online.

Bynes deleted all her previous rants on Twitter, including several messages from last week, in which she accused her father of sexual abusing her. Her mother recently obtained a conservatorship over the former Nickelodeon star, but TMZ reports Bynes isn’t living with her parents—as they are reportedly burnt out from trying to care for her. 

Bynes has used Twitter to repeatedly complain about her parents since her release from a psychiatric hospital last week. She was brought to the facility after she was arrested on suspicion of DUI at the end of September.

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    TMZ reported Bynes' parents were giving her American Express gift cards as needed in order to pay for her living expenses. The gift cards are reportedly given to Bynes' court-appointed lawyer who then passes them along to the former child star.