Aaron Sorkin refused to write a steamy sex scene for Nicole Kidman and Alec Baldwin when he was the screenwriter for the 1993 thriller “Malice" because he wasn't comfortable with the explicit request from the director.

Sorkin recalled to USA Today on Tuesday when director Harold Becker asked him to write a sex scene for Kidman and Baldwin’s character during the early days of his career.

"The director, very close to the start of photography, decided that we were missing a sex scene between Alec and Nicole,” Sorkin said. “I went back to the hotel and I wrote like four pages of banter that ended with them falling into bed and we cut to the next day.”

When the then-screenwriter presented what he wrote, the director wasn't pleased, according to Sorkin, who added that Becker wanted the details to be written out.

"I hadn’t written that much at the time, I’d only written 'A Few Good Men.' And I said, ‘Boy, exactly what do you mean?’ And he said, ‘Look, it’s easy, just go back to your hotel and write what you’d like to see Nicole Kidman do,” Sorkin told USA Today.

“I said, ‘Are you out of your mind?’” Sorkin recalled. “First of all, I just did a movie with her [then-] husband [Tom Cruise]! And second of all, no, I’m not going to write down what I’d like to see Nicole do and then hand the pages out to the crew and Nicole.”

Sorkin said Kidman, Baldwin and Becker ultimately decided what would be done in the sex scene themselves. He described it as “a terrible scene.”

Sorkin’s story come after a wave of accusations of sexual harassment and assault against prominent Hollywood figures, including Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and James Toback. Sorkin touched on the scandal ravaging the entertainment industry and said he hopes the “horror stories” will result in eliminating the “monsters.”

“[I hope] there are going to be no or very few new monsters born as a result of the swift and total annihilation of the people who have been outed. Harvey Weinstein is done — the most powerful person maybe since Louis B. Mayer (the former MGM head) in this business. Kevin Spacey is done. James Toback’s done.

“People have to look at that and say, ‘I am scared straight.’”