50 Cent blasted for mocking Terry Crews' sexual assault claim

Fans of 50 Cent blasted the rapper Tuesday after he posted memes of actor Terry Crews, who testified about sexual assault on Capitol Hill Tuesday.

50 Cent, in since-deleted Instagram pictures, posted a split meme with Crews flexing and holding a rose. The top of the photo said “I got raped … My wife just watched,” and the bottom said “Gym time.”

The post received nearly 125,000 likes and received a crying-laugh emoji from Russell Simmons before it was deleted, according to The Daily Mail. Simmons has been accused of raping several women.


The post generated a ton of backlash on social media.

“Im not surprised at Curtis Jacksons trash a—but Russell commenting is a disappointment,” dancer Destiney Bleu said in a tweet referring to 50 Cent’s real name.

One user said they were “disgusted” by the post.

“As someone who was a fan of 50 cent since I was a kid, I’m disgusted at his ignorance and insensitive response to Terry Crew’s sexual assault story,” the Twitter user wrote. “To laugh and make jokes about such a serious matter is one of the main reasons why sexual assault victims are afraid to speak up.”

Another described the post as “alarming.”

“The reaction to Terry Crews and people laughing along with 50 Cent is alarming, this includes people like @UncleRush,” the user wrote. “There are countless Black Men and Boys who have been violated sexually who don't tell you their stories because of reactions like these. Likely people you know.”

Crews was asked about 50 Cent’s comments by TMZ and took the high road.

“I prove that size doesn’t matter when it comes to sexual assault,” Crews said.

The actor told the Senate Judiciary Committee earlier Tuesday that he declined a role in “Expendables 4” after being pressured by the film’s producer to drop a sexual assault lawsuit against his former agency.

“It was a project I had to turn down,” Crews told a group of lawmakers. “Abusers protect abusers and this is one thing I had to decide whether I was going to draw the line.”