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The Fox News Multimedia Reporters is like no other program in the industry. Qualified candidates are positioned across the country to shoot, produce, edit, and report content for Fox News Media platforms. After two years of ongoing technical training, skill development, and mentorship, our reporters are positioned to become stronger journalists in the field.

The Fox News Multimedia Reporters (MMR) is part of our company's ongoing mission to invest in talent. It was implemented in 2011 to build a pipeline for the next generation of skilled, hardworking multiplatform journalists.

The Multimedia Reporters operate as one-person-bands with the ability to go live virtually anytime, anywhere. They are trained on top-of-the-line video equipment and streaming technology. Each day they gather news information, conduct live and taped interviews, write stories and deliver news reports on all Fox News Media platforms. Throughout this two-year experience, the reporters are provided with the tools, resources and guidance to develop a comprehensive skill set that prepares them for the future.

The MMR program begins with an intensive week-long, hands-on technical training session at Fox News' New York City headquarters. The reporters are then dispatched to their locations where they receive daily guidance and feedback from management. We challenge the multimedia reporters to continually hone their journalistic skills and capabilities.


Our highly competitive program identifies outstanding aspiring journalists who bring diverse backgrounds to news production and coverage. The program represents Fox News' strong commitment to developing a diverse workforce, and we attract and consider candidates representing all different facets of diversity.