Premier League

The Football Association a href="" target="_blank">Premier League is considered the most advanced level a male athlete can reach playing within the English Football League. A traditional season lasts from August to May every year, as each team competes in a total of 38 matches. Most matches occur over the weekend on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. The system operates with the EFL but only in a promotional and relegation sense. A total of 20 clubs competed in the Premier League across the country. Originally founded in 1992, the league was named at the time as the FA Premier League after a number of a href="" target="_blank">football clubs broke away from the Football League First Division.

The Premier League operates within the United Kingdom as a corporation, with chief executive Richard Masters as its highest-ranking board member in charge of its overall management. However, individual clubs are free to operate as shareholders and are given payment revenues estimated to be billions of dollars with control over domestic broadcast rights.

The league is considered the most watched sports league in the world; where it is broadcasted to more than 200 territories and is available in an estimated 640 million homes as well as a combined audience of approximately 4 billion people. The league's popularity outside England can not be overstated enough.

Across many of its seasons, the in-person attendance reached max capacity across stadiums. During the 2018-2019 season, the aggregated attendance during an entire season reached over 14 million, with nearly 40,000 filling a stadium during max capacity. The clubs have produced award-winning clubs that have gone on to win numerous European trophies. The seven teams who have won titles include a href="" target="_blank">Manchester United, Machester City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Blackburn Roer, Leicester City, and Liverpool. The Premier League is the highest possible level for an athlete in English football.