This gives the phrase “Keep on Truckin’” a whole new meaning.

MAN trucks has teamed up with trailer builder Krone to build a futuristic, streamlined semi that could improve the fuel economy and range of long haulers by 25 percent.

The Concept S and Aero Liner combo features an integrated design with a smooth and rounded face that looks like something from "The Clone Wars," a rooftop spoiler closing the gap between tractor and trailer, and an aerodynamic hunchback roof not unlike that of the Toyota Prius.

Further wind cheating moves include a tapering rear end, skirts over the wheels, slim video camera mounts replacing the huge sideview mirrors typically seen on big rigs, and fuel tanks tucked inside the slick bodywork of the tractor.

With the concept, MAN joins other big names in the trucking business -- including Mercedes-Benz and Freightliner -- in revealing intentions to make extreme improvements in efficiency in the coming years.

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Tractor trailers consume about 45 billion gallons of fuel annually in The United States, so any improvement in fuel economy in the segment could have a huge impact on overall consumption as well as lowering the operating cost of the vehicles.

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