Imagine what Cledus Snow could’ve done with one of these.

The Freightliner Revolution Innovation is a concept for the heavy-duty truck of the not-so-distant future.

The crossover-cab tractor features an aerodynamic body aimed at improving fuel economy that’s also been fitted with modern styling touches, including LED lighting, to better appeal to younger drivers and get them excited about trucking.

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There are definitely no riders on this rig as it was designed for just the driver, the passenger door replaced with a cargo hatch. A large portrait-style display is fitted to the center console and powered by a computer program called Truck OS, that can provide information about the vehicle, navigation and entertainment. Where a second seat would be a reconfigurable work/rest space is fitted with a foldaway desk and bed. A large, walk-in door has been added to the back wall to ease entry.

To further improve its efficiency, the truck is built on an all-aluminum frame, cutting weight by over 200 pounds, and features a drivetrain that can send power to just the forward set of rear wheels under most circumstances, engaging the rearmost set only when slippage occurs.

While there are no plans for production, the Revolution Innovation is on display this weekend at the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Kentucky, and Freightliner expects to incorporate some of the features in upcoming vehicles.