Lexus Builds a Crystal Clear Coach Fit for a Prince

When it comes to would-be princesses, Cinderella’s crystal pumpkin coach at Walt Disney World set the high bar for translucent transportation. Until now.

For the wedding of South African Olympic swimmer Charlene Wittstock to Prince Albert of Monaco, Lexus has created a custom version of its LS600h L luxury hybrid. Done in a Landaulet style, the roof over the rear cabin has been replaced with a removable transparent top made from a single piece of clear polycarbonate.

The better to see you with, my dear…sorry, wrong fairy tale.

The midnight blue sedan was converted by Carat Duchatelet -- a Belgian coachbuilder known for its work for royalty and other people who can afford these sorts of things -- in conjunction with an anonymous French manufacturer of jet fighter canopies.

The brand of vehicle being used for the wedding is not much of a surprise, as Lexus is the official automobile supplier to Prince Albert, a well-known environmental activist. And, yes, people of his ilk have official automobile suppliers.

If all goes to plan, the car will ferry the newlyweds from their ceremony at the royal palace to the
Sainte-Devote Church in all-electric mode. If not, it’s a hybrid. They’ll make it.

After the not very long journey, the car will be put on display in the principality’s oceanographic museum, where visitors will be able to view it suspended in a state of zero-emissions mode. At least until Al and his new bride feel like taking it out for another spin.

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