Ford’s first electric SUV is expected to be fast, but it can’t outrun cameras.

(Brian Williams)

What’s believed to be a prototype for the upcoming high performance utility vehicle has been photographed outside of the automaker’s Dearborn, Mich., development center. The vehicle is wearing a bulky wrap meant to disguise its details while it’s driven on public roads for real-world testing.

(Brian Williams)

Ford has described the vehicle as being “Mustang-inspired” and the single design sketch it has released shows a sleek SUV that meets that description. The covering obscures the vehicle’s profile and hides its rear doors.

(Brian Williams)

Technical details are still secret, but Ford says it will have a range of over 300 miles per charge and “go like hell."


It was originally announced under the working name Mach One, but last year Ford filed a trademark for the Mach E name, which it could end up using. Whatever it ends up being called, it is scheduled to begin production in Mexico next year and The Detroit Bureau reports that it will be publically unveiled this November.


Ford currently has four electric vehicle projects in the works, including an F-150 that was recently demonstrated pulling a million-pound train, a collaboration with electric truck startup Rivian and a Michigan-built product line that Automotive News reports will spawn midsize Ford and Lincoln family SUVs.