Even if you don’t see Amazon’s new electric delivery van coming, you’ll definitely hear it.

Video of one of the trucks that will be built by electric vehicle startup Rivian being tested in Los Angeles has revealed the noise it will make as it cruises through town.


As with all future electric vehicles, the van is required to have a pedestrian warning system that emits an amplified sound when it's traveling at speeds below 18.6 mph to make up for the lack of engine noise and make it more conspicuous to help prevent accidents.

Video posted to the Tesla Drive Canada YouTube page of an Amazon van making deliveries in a suburban L.A. neighborhood accompanied by a very audible SciFi-style hum that rises in pitch with the speed of the vehicle.

Rivian has not responded to a request for comment from Fox News Autos as to whether or not this is the sound that will be on the final production version of the van coming late this year, or if it will be used on Rivian’s own pickup and SUV models.


Amazon holds a stake in Rivan and has ordered at least 100,000 of the vans to be delivered by 2023.