Woman arrested after five stabbed on California-bound Greyhound bus: police

A woman was arrested Monday after a stabbing on a Greyhound bus in California left five injured, police said.

Teresa Ann Andrade Madrigal, 48, was arrested and charged with five counts of assault with a deadly weapon, one count of false imprisonment and another count of child endangerment, the Tulare County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement.

ca greyhound bus stabbing

Photo shows Teresa Ann Andrade Madrigal, 48, who is accused of stabbing five people aboard a Greyhound bus in California.  (Tulare County Sheriff's Office)

Officials said Madrigal was aboard the bus heading from Las Vegas to Oakland when she began to act erratically. The sheriff’s office said the bus driver stopped the bus and asked the woman to get off so he could talk to her. After speaking with Madrigal, the bus driver determined she was calm enough to drive, according to Fox 26 Fresno.

Police said as the bus was driving through Tulare, Madrigal walked toward the back of the bus, grabbed a 3-year-old girl and held her at knifepoint. The girl’s mother immediately began fighting with Madrigal and was stabbed in the abdomen, police said.

"I woke up to screaming: 'I’m gonna kill this baby!' She had the baby in her hand and was hitting the baby, hitting the baby. Mother started screaming, pulled baby away from her, then screams, 'She’s got a knife! She’s got a knife!'" Tanya Wright, a bus passenger, told Fox 26 Fresno.

Spencer Williams, another passenger, told the station that he thought it was a joke at first until he saw the suspect holding the knife to the baby’s throat.

Two other men and the bus driver fought with Madrigal until they were able to wrestle the child away from her, police said. The suspect stabbed herself in the neck and chest, according to Fox 26 Fresno.

tulare sheriff

Tulare County Sheriff Mike Boudreaux gave an update on the Greyhound bus stabbing Monday.  (Tulare County Sheriff's Office)

Police said two adults, including the girl’s mother, were transported to a nearby hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Two other adults who were injured were treated at the scene. The 3-year-old girl only sustained a minor injury, police said.

Madrigal was receiving treatment for her injuries before being booked into an adult pre-trial facility, police said.

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