Massachusetts teen, 15, accused of running drug pickup operation out of bedroom window

A 15-year-old Massachusetts high school freshman was arrested after she was accused by police of running a drug pickup business -- using her bedroom window as a service hub.

Haverhill police believe she was selling the drugs with the consent of her mother, who also was taken into custody, FOX25 reported, citing court documents.

“To happen in your own building. I sleep in the back with my son, to know they were coming up the back there and drugs were being bought it is kind of disturbing,” Tanya Silva, who lives on the floor below the mother and daughter, told the station.

Documents viewed by FOX25 said the teen’s mother, 37-year-old Heather Vittorioso, told investigators “…she knew that [her daughter] was selling weed but had no idea about anything else.”

Investigators searched the girl’s bedroom on the third floor of the multi-family home and reported finding money and an assortment of drugs in the top drawer of the teen’s dresser, located just three feet from the window, FOX25 reported.

Marijuana, cocaine, fentanyl, two unregistered guns, ammunition and $1,069 in cash reportedly were taken from the apartment by police after they executed a search warrant Friday.

“People were going up and down the stairs at 2 and 3 a.m.,” said one neighbor, Brianna Rogers. She echoed claims from others who said it sounded like a steady stream of after-hours foot traffic coming from the stairs behind the home leading up to the teen’s bedroom window.

Vittorioso was arraigned Monday and is set to appear in court for a probable cause hearing in February. She faces numerous charges, including reckless endangerment and cocaine trafficking, according to WHAV.

Cameron Dawson, who police say was the girl's boyfriend and had been living at the residence, faces three charges related to drug possession and distribution.

Authorities said the girl’s father is currently in jail on assault and kidnapping charges from an unrelated case, FOX25 reported.