Suspect hides from cops in trash bin, gets dumped into recycling truck

A Wisconsin man wanted for a parole violation tried to hide from police in a communal recycling bin — only to suffer a serious head injury when he was dumped into a recycling truck with the rest of the dumpster's contents.

The drama began Tuesday morning when an Appleton police officer noticed a disturbance in a parking lot. As he approached the suspect, identified only as a 36-year-old man, ran out of a vehicle and climbed a fence into a residential neighborhood. 

The short time later, the recycling truck's driver contacted police to report that he had heard yelling coming from the back of the truck. The suspect crawled out of the hopper and ran after the driver stopped the truck.

Police caught the suspect after he collapsed in a yard. The man was transported to a local hospital. 

Authorities say they will recommend that the man be charged with obstructing an officer in addition to the parole violation. Additional charges may be sought, because an officer injured his foot while chasing the suspect.

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