Cops wound up playing an impromptu shell game at New York's Port Authority Bus Terminal Sunday.

The slow-speed chase began when two pet turtles escaped from a bag after their owner fell asleep. The reptiles soon began wandering about aimlessly around the Hell’s Kitchen terminal.

One of the turtles managed to get onto a ramp that buses use to enter and exit the facility. It was saved from oncoming bus traffic by PAPD cops at about 1:30 p.m.

After the animal was taken in by PAPD Officers Michael Zilavetz and Phat Lam, a second turtle was spotted crawling around the same area.

That green turtle, however, was grabbed by the owner, who had awakened and noticed his missing pets, sources said.

“It’s a dangerous enough area for a human to navigate, so Lord knows how a turtle could crawl around there for any length of time,” one police official noted.

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