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Escaped turtles at NYC bus station send cops on slow-speed chase

One of the captured turtles.

One of the captured turtles.  (Port Authority photo)

Cops wound up playing an impromptu shell game at New York's Port Authority Bus Terminal Sunday.

The slow-speed chase began when two pet turtles escaped from a bag after their owner fell asleep. The reptiles soon began wandering about aimlessly around the Hell’s Kitchen terminal.

One of the turtles managed to get onto a ramp that buses use to enter and exit the facility. It was saved from oncoming bus traffic by PAPD cops at about 1:30 p.m.

After the animal was taken in by PAPD Officers Michael Zilavetz and Phat Lam, a second turtle was spotted crawling around the same area.

That green turtle, however, was grabbed by the owner, who had awakened and noticed his missing pets, sources said.

“It’s a dangerous enough area for a human to navigate, so Lord knows how a turtle could crawl around there for any length of time,” one police official noted.

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