Two thieves attempting to steal $150 worth of baby formula from a California Toys 'R' Us on Saturday assaulted an employee, slammed a teenage girl into a wall and violently shoved an 11-year-old girl as they made their escape, police said.

The 11-year-old girl was pushed 15 feet and landed on her head, FOX40 reported. She suffered major injuries and was taken to a hospital. Her current condition is unknown.

“If it’s for a good reason, it still doesn’t justify,” Janet Wright, a Toys 'R' Us shopper, told FOX40. “The ends doesn’t justify the means.”

The women, who have not yet been identified, entered the store with a duffel bag around 2:15 p.m., according to the Vallejo Police Department. After a store manager approached, the two began attacking employees and customers in an effort to get away.

The motive for the theft is unclear. The thieves, who jumped into a Hyundai and sped off with three other women, could have been trying to procure formula for their children. But expensive formula is often resold on the black market, or even used to dilute pure cocaine or heroin, according to FOX40.