Casey Anthony attorney to represent Florida girl in online bullying case

Casey Anthony's former lawyer weighs in on high-profile Florida trial


The attorney who represented Casey Anthony in her 2012 murder trial will represent the 12-year-old girl who was charged in connection with the suicide death of a bullied Florida girl, reported.

Jose Baez will represent the 12-year-old girl who is accused of bullying Rebecca Sedwick before Sedwick committed suicide after climbing a tower at an abandoned concrete plant and jumping to her death, authorities said.

A Facebook post from one of the girls saying she didn’t care about Sedwick’s death, which led police to the arrests, according to Sheriff Grady Judd. The suspects, ages 12 and 14, have been charged with felony aggravated stalking, according to the Polk County Sheriff's Office.

Judd said Sedwick was "terrorized" by as many as 15 girls who ganged up on her and picked on her for months through online message boards and texts. Some of the girls' computers and cellphones were seized in the investigation. He said the two girls arrested were the major culprits. One of the suspects had been dating Sedwick's former boyfriend. The two had gone to the same school where, at one point, there was a physical confrontation between the girls.

The girl who had been dating Sedwick's former boyfriend went to friends around the school and tried to have them turn on Sedwick, Judd said. The girl posted comments on the Internet saying Sedwick should "drink bleach and die," Judd said. The second girl arrested was a former best friend of Sedwick's who was influenced by the other girl to turn on her, Judd said.

Baez’s office did not immediately respond to a phone call from Sedwick’s family has hired David Henry, the managing partner at Morgan & Morgan in Orlando, reported.