VIDEO: Fox News' Palkot's father celebrates 100th birthday

Edward "Ed" John Palkot could pass for about 75, but he actually just joined the centenarian club.  

The father of Fox News Senior Foreign Affairs Correspondent Greg Palkot turned 100 today and celebrated his birthday on "America's Newsroom." 

"Are you really 100?" anchor Martha MacCallum asked. "I can't believe that you're 100." 

Palkot studied drama at Carnegie Mellon University and at Columbia University.  He also worked in human resources and retired as vice president of HSBC (formerly Marine Midland). 

What's his secret? 

"I grew up in a smoky city when the steel mills were pouring out smoke and drinking water of the highly polluted Ohio River and built up so much resistance," Palkot said of growing up in Pittsburgh. "I was able to fight everything off." 

Palkot said that things are much better now than when he was a child. 

"Everything is improved," he said. "We don't have to use a crank to start a car. Everything is automatic these days." 

"Are we a different place now?" MacCallum asked of the current generation.

"I think we're a better place," Palkot said. "I really do."

"He's the guy who taught me to watch Walter Cronkite and read the papers and keep aware," Greg Palkot said of his father. "He encouraged me all my life and supported me, the kids and our family. He's been incredible."

Well-wishers can congratulate the newly minted centenarian on his Facebook page.