Even a cute dog can't save the new Columbus Crew SC kit

The Columbus Crew SC's new secondary kit was supposed to be an homage to the city's flag. The problem is Columbus has an ugly flag and, as a result, the Crew SC have a hideous new kit.

There was a way to fix it, though - dogs.

Dogs fix everything. That's just the rule of life. Death, taxes and puppies. Benjamin Franklin said that.

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Put a dog in anything, including the Crew SC's new kit, and everything will be okay.

prematch intimidation in midseason form #crewsc #SoccerSunday

— Andy Loughnane (@LockCrewSC) March 6, 2016


The Crew SC's kit broke dogs. Somehow that kit is still terrible, even when a dog wears it (although it is less terrible).

Congratulations, Crew SC. You managed to break a hard and fast rule of the world and make Franklin roll over in his grave.

You're still a very good dog, dog. Your bravery will not be forgotten and you deserve thousands of belly rubs, 18 bones and at least slow motion video of you running with your ears and lips flopping in the wind.