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Will zero calorie chocolate really satisfy cravings?


Will zero calorie chocolate strips really satisfy cravings? (Kickstarter/Cravings)

This may be the answer for any chocoholic on a diet.  

A new project on Kickstarter is trying to launch a zero calorie chocolate product that will allow consumers to “fulfill cravings and enjoy the flavor of life.”

Cravings, the California based start-up behind the campaign, plans to use the same technology behind Listerine Strips to create a no calorie strip with endless flavor combinations. Chocolate was chosen as the launch flavor because it is the “most craved” junk food, according to a Wall Street Journal infographic.

On Wednesday morning, the project had reached just over $4,400 of its $40,000 goal. With two days to go, it looks like Cravings is going to have to do some serious campaigning if they want to get this to manufacture.

For now, dieters can dream of a world with calorie free chocolate, cookies and maybe even a full Willy Wonka-style meal.