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Ben & Jerry's newest flavor based on '30 Rock'


Ben & Jerry's has announced it's releasing a 30 Rock-themed ice cream head of the show's finale. (Ben & Jerry's)

Who loves ice cream more than Liz Lemon?  (Who can forget the episode showing her version of a workout: a treadmill and an ice cream sundae going at the same time).  So it's a fitting send off for Tina Fey and the other hilarious characters of "30 Rock" to get a Ben & Jerry's flavor named after them.   

In honor of the hit show's finale on January 31, Ben & Jerry's announced it is releasing the new treat, but hasn't yet released the details of what's in the new special “30 Rock”-themed flavor. That will remain a secret until co-founder Jerry Greenfield announces it at a New York City party near Rockefeller Center in New York City.   

According to a company release, usually new flavors are released in the spring, but the company churned this one out in the nick of time. The ice cream will be in Ben & Jerry’s shops in February and then in grocery and convenience stores afterward.

It's Tina Fey's first Ben & Jerry's-themed ice and Alec Baldwin's (Jack Donaghy) second.  Last year, the ice cream maker released Schweddy Balls--a limited-release flavor featuring fudge-covered rum balls-- in a homage to the Saturday Night Live skit featuring  Baldwin.  But that flavor hasn't gone over too well with customers --with some saying suggestive name is nothing but locker room humor and not appropriate for young children.  Let's hope this one does better.

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