Omarosa explains why she left Hillary Clinton's campaign for Trump's on 'Celebrity Big Brother'

Omarosa Manigault Newman is discussing her time in the White House from the comfort of the “Big Brother: Celebrity Edition” house once again. This time, she’s revealing why she made the jump from campaigning for Hillary Clinton to working in the Trump administration.

In a preview clip for Sunday’s episode, Omarosa sat down with fellow house guest Ross Mathews to discuss her role in politics over the past couple years. As many of her fans and detractors alike may have forgotten, Manigault Newman actually worked on Hillary Clinton’s campaign in the early days of the 2016 election.

“Hillary, when we were in the White House, she was an interesting person. She was just a strong woman, she was... she defended her man,” she told Mathews in the clip below. “She was very engaged and sharp and smart.”

Manigault Newman even went as far as to say Clinton would have been “exceptional” as president when asked by Mathews.

Omarosa Manigault Newman is currently a contestant on CBS 'Big Brother: Celebrity Edition'  (CBS)

Why then did she pivot from the Clinton camp to her former “Apprentice” boss’ administration? Apparently, she believes she was “used and abused” by Clinton. Manigault Newman described working for the “Ready for Hillary” organization, which eventually became “Hillary for America.”

“Then, when it was time to roll it over into the ‘Hillary for America’ campaign, they just completely discarded all of the people who had done work,“ she explained. “[It] soured a lot of people. So it wasn’t hard when he called me and said ‘can you be on board?’ because I had just been used and abused by the ‘Ready for Hillary’ organization.”

“I could go down the list of people who were abused and misused by that organization and decided to go a different direction as a result of it,” she continued.

Manigault Newman left her greatest reveal for the end of the clip, noting that she is excited to tell her life’s story when she decides to do so. Many were puzzled when the former White House Office of Public Liaison head was abruptly fired from her role and pivoted directly back to reality TV. Since then, she’s been teasing details about her time in the Trump White House on the first “Celebrity” edition of the CBS reality series. Given her latest quote, it’s possible that she’s teasing a book or some other type of tell-all coming in the near future.

You can watch the clip from Sunday’s episode below.